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Violence and Sadism in Green Propaganda

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2010 by jamesdrax

This video showed the true colours of the green movement, displaying a shockingly homicidal attitude towards those who disagree with them. It’s an extreme religious movement that’s gained more traction as the looney-left has acquired more power in the public sphere, and now it seems they’re not afraid to make themselves look like brutal fascists in the process.

For all those little snots who keep calling this “parody” or “satire” (you would think the self-proclaimed “brainy” and “intelligent” would be able to sense propaganda for what it really is, but end up leaving this state-produced depiction of barbarism left unchecked), this does not show what would happen to people at the hand of nature if they didn’t act to preserve “the climate”, rather it shows people in positions of power coldly and methodically murdering others who display any ounce of dissent or doubt on what the establishment deems as almost biblical truth; albeit in a polite manner, so people can be snuffed out easier.

If this was produced by a group who wanted to show the ramifications of green fanaticism mixed with government and corporate power, I could see its merit, but since it was actually produced by a group advocating crazy green laws, they portray this as a good thing! They act as though because they are “defending and preserving nature”, therefore “they are mother nature” or that their actions speak for the “natural order”. They’re almost like Poison Ivy.

In a way similar to George Bernard Shaw, it was an attempt to send the message out loud and clear that if you disobey, we will kill you. Obviously not in the sensationalized way this commercial depicted, but death in a polite manner at least. They got caught with their britches down and pulled the commercial along with issuing an empty apology, but it’s too late – we know what they really think of the rest of us plebs.