“VROOOOM!”… I’m Not Impressed

So I was walking my dog this evening, minding my own business, when some idiot car-hoon decided to speed his modified bomb up the hill of my street. As he sped up past me, I could have sworn the loudness of his exhaust pipe reached the decibel level of The Who at The Valley. They all seem to come out like cockroaches on Saturday nights.

I had to cover my ears because it hurt! It really did. I tend to avoid discos and night clubs because of the absurd noise levels those places have, and I can’t hear what people are talking about anyway and I’m not interested in losing my voice by shouting at everyone throughout the entire night, but just a few seconds of some drunken boofhead in his hot-rod on a Saturday night is enough to have my ears ringing like the Liberty Bell for a few moments.

What do these guys think? If they make enough loud noise with their car, there’ll be a chance of some hot babe walking along the footpath thinking “wow, his car is so loud, that means he has a big cock!”

Dream on, fellas. Girls are not thinking that. At least not the sane ones I know. Although, I’d bet there are a legion of bimbos out there who actually think there is a correlation between the loudness of a man’s car to his penis size – and the louder it is, the bigger it is.

That mentality actually puts the mindset behind this RTA commercial to question.

The idea behind this ad is noble, but ultimately futile. The low-lives it targets will continue to think if they have an exhaust pipe that blows peoples eardrums as if a pile of TNT just ignited, girls will think their appendages will be the size of the Washington Monument, and some ditzes will always fall for it.


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