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Global Warming Found to be Fake; Warmists Search for New Replacement Religion

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Recently, some cool nerd hacked into a system mainframe and nicked a stack of e-mails from a flock of crazy warmist scientists exposing them as frauds perpetuating a dirty lie.

Amusingly, this fiasco has been dubbed as “Climategate”, I just love that suffix, but there’s nothing funny about what these unethical eggheads tried to pull off. Here’s a whole list of media sources that have covered this feral cat that’s been pulled from the bag.

Apparently, these scientists were caught trying to manipulate data, and shutting out and aggressively discrediting anyone who disagreed with them, a well-known fascist tactic employed by those who are thin-skinned and serve a pre-determined agenda for control over others by silencing opposition. Also, according the Washington Post, some even had delusions of inflicting physical harm on climate change skeptics. These boffins are madder than Mad-Eye Moody when he hasn’t taken his Polyjuice Potion – just as two-faced, too.

Naturally, this comes as a huge blow to warmist alarmists and their plans to use this fake junk science as an excuse to dominate the planet with a global government, funded by a cap and tax scam system. However, they haven’t given up on their goals, so naturally they’ll just search for some other invented ecological problem to exaggerate and whinge about, and implement it into government policy so as to rein people in and “mould the world to their heart’s desire”, as the Fabians usually like to put it.

What’s next for the globalist elite who wish to exploit our collective naiveté? United Earth presidential hopeful Al Gore will perhaps realize that his claims of global warming have been exposed as fraudulent (evidently, he already has because he’s too chicken to debate with Lord Christopher Monkton on the subject), so either he or another Madison Ave. frontman will ride the waves like an eco-messiah brat with a god-complex and assert claims of some other form of environmental extremist pseudoscience. Perhaps the next one will be that the earth is running out of oxygen and we need to stop burning things or otherwise Mother Gaia will be deeply upset and inflict revenge upon us all like in Roland Emmerich’s 2004 crapfest The Day After Tomorrow.

Not only that, everything that gets burnt will need to be taxed under a centralized global system that overrides national sovereignty, with new laws that infringe on people’s individual rights and personal freedoms, like breathing for instance. They’ll force you to pay, because bureaucrats love twisting people by the balls and pretending money is no object to anyone. That’ll teach ya, you filthy human carbon emitters. By the way, I hear even trees hate CO2 now, amazing.

Regardless of this major exposé on the corrupt side of the scientific community, which rocks the foundation of the argument that these new draconian government policies are based on, you’ll still see idiots like Kevin Rudd drumming up even more fear mongering because he’s too stubborn to accept defeat like the dogmatic extremist that he is.

Unfortunately, this news story will probably just irritate the crazy warmists who have a foothold on governments and mainstream media and it’ll just make them angrier and more dangerous. Only a small portion of the mainstream media has had the balls to pick this up, and the Crappy News Network (CNN) has decided to ignore it altogether (great journalism there, folks!), but Moonraking Drax has it covered.

Just watch out, these nuts never give up.


Roland Emmerich sees the President as a “King”?

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Recently, 2012 director Roland Emmerich expressed interest in making two sequels to his 1996 megahit Independence Day, and for that, I gush like an 11-year-old boy enjoying alien invasion mayhem and city destruction again. Talk about nostalgia!

However, one thing that Emmerich said during an interview regarding the sequels has sent me into a rare hissy fit because he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about when it comes to American government.

“In Independence Day, it was about a king who leads his country into a fight against an outside invader. I didn’t want to make that movie during the Bush years. It was not thought that George W. Bush would have made a great king. Now with Obama, it’s another story.”

What the hell is he talking about? Bill Pullman’s President Whitmore was a “king” leading his country into battle? Yeah, I get the imagery of the President leading the squadron of F-18s against the city destroyer is supposed to be evocative of some sort of “warrior king” from ancient or medieval times, but at the end of the day, the President is not a king. I saw it more as a small band of revolutionaries fighting against a technologically advanced and collectivist aggressor. Emmerich should have at least learned that from making The Patriot (2000).

I hate to give a boring lesson in Constitutional government, but a monarchical analogy applied to American politics would have to be the biggest faux pas in American culture. That is unless you’re among the wacky group of Americans (or even people from across the rest of the world) who think President Barack Obama should be a “king” working without the checks and balances of that annoying Congress, the Supreme Court, and those pestilent states that disobediently make up their own rules, because he’s just so damn cool and charismatic!

With that in mind, does Emmerich think that Obama would make a “great king”? Sure, obviously George W. Bush wouldn’t have made a great king, but neither would Obama. Hell, no President would! Please, the guy’s off his rocker and clearly exemplifies the weirdo Michael Moore businessman syndrome of wanting to make a Godzilla-sized pile of money making junk food movies, but is evidenced to dislike democracy and capitalism. What a hypocrite. Just look at his house, he reminds me of Anita Dunn because he’s clearly infatuated by undemocratic totalitarian regimes, which is linked to his crazy “King Obama” talk.  Some interesting lighting and furnishing though.

Granted, I love Independence Day. It’s always been one of my favourite movies simply due to the fact that it makes my sound system suffer severe cone damage from blowing up the subwoofer, and it’d funny to see that maybe Will Smith’s character has been elected President by now in a sequel, but this monarchical attitude from Emmerich is just too much for me to stomach. Perhaps he superficially believes that the other branches of government are irrelevant and hinder the progression of an imperial presidency. Who knows, he may be kidding, he is just a filmmaker afterall. But if not, it’s a frightening mindset.

Yet again, is this a European thing?